Criminal Law

Due to our many years of experience both in general criminal law and in specific areas such as the law on narcotics, we can offer you expert advice on all criminal law matters.

We will be happy to assist you as your legal representation in police interrogations and also before all Austrian criminal and administrative courts.

Our activities include:

  • advice and assistance in search cases and house searches
  • assault, dangerous threats, robbery, coercion, racketeering, drug and substance abuse law, defamation
  • defence in tax and white-collar criminal cases
  • defence in court proceedings before Austrian criminal and administrative courts
  • representation in tax litigation
  • preventive design consulting to avoid criminally relevant matters, compliance consulting
  • representation in professional disciplinary proceedings
  • defence in criminal insolvency proceedings
  • defence in corruption and bribery proceedings
  • defence in infidelity, fraud, embezzlement and money laundering proceedings.
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